Meals on Wheels of Germantown

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Nearly one in six seniors in America faces the threat of hunger; here's an interesting article :

In the state of Maryland,

  • 83% of senior Meals of Wheels recipients say it improves their health.
  • 92% say Meals on Wheels allows them to remain at home.
  • 87% say receiving Meals on Wheels makes them for more safe and secure.
  • It costs about the same to feed a senior for an entire year as it does to pay for one average day in the hospital!

Depression and the Elderly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults are at increased risk for experiencing depression, especially those suffering from chronic health conditions and illnesses.

Doctors frequently miss signs of depression, or consider them a natural side effect of the many conditions our clients have.

The good news is that the depression often responds well to treatment, and a healthy diet really helps people feel better. Some of our clients initially were completely housebound or dangerously underweight. One of our Tan Route clients, originally less than 90 pounds, gained over 30 pounds over the course of a year! Many of our clients have lost excess weight and controlled their blood pressure and diabetes with a better diet.

Just as important as the food we bring is the human contact. It’s a real benefit to have a friendly person drop by and remind them to eat well. Our delivery folks are sometimes the first to notice health problems, dangerous drug interactions and increasing dementia. They make a big difference in our clients’ lives!